Welcome to the team – Mikael!

Mikael is an experienced developer who is responsible for the further development of Curest’s solutions.

When I first came in contact with the company, I thought it sounded very interesting and right in time with this type of solution. It feels extra fun to be able to participate in developing and taking greater responsibility for the end product.

In addition to Micke thinking that the product feels right in time, he also looks forward to being able to help Curest with his previous experience of development in different types of industries.

– The Medtech industry has always interested me and now, in these trying times, the product could not have come at a better time. Technology has always been interesting to me and I hope to help Curest grow with the help of my previous experience in the IT-business.

Now that Micke has worked with us at Curest for a while, it is not only the product he looks forward to working with but also the team!

– I have previously been working at larger companies, I look forward to being part of a team with great people where things are done quickly and efficiently! It is challenging and fulfilling to be part of a team that through modern technology creates opportunities so that more people get improved quality of life!

Welcome to the team - Mikael!
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