Sports professionals are being treated for neck & head trauma using VR

One year ago, the rehabilitation unit at Hermelinen in Luleå, Sweden, started using Curest VR in order to treat patients with neck problems remotely. During the last year, they have also used Curest VR in rehabilitation with elite athletes suffering from concussions. The treatment with virtual realty has shown great results.

Sports professionals are being treated for neck & head trauma using VR
Virtual reality rehab at Hermelinen physiotherapy

With the outbreak of the pandemic one year ago, several patients had to remain at home in order to stay safe from infection. With the help of the Luleå company Curest’s VR solution, patients were able to continue their rehabilitation from a distance. This has led to more people opening their eyes to the benefits of VR rehabilitation & telemedicine.

During the last year with Curest VR, we have seen many benefits. We can help more people at the same time and at the same time we get more reliable results to follow-up on. But mainly, we have noticed a change in attitude among many care recipients, as the rehabilitation has become much more fun to carry out, ” says Kristina Wiggefors, Leg. Physiotherapist at Hermelinen.

” Rehab with Virtual Reality technology has given us another element in the rehabilitation of neck and head trauma. The Curest VR system shows very promising results for the individuals who have undergone treatment so far. “ – Kristina

With Curest VR, the patient conduct several customized exercises using a VR-headset. The results from each session are automatically sent to the physiotherapist who can study the patient’s progress and make adjustments if necessary. Curest is now working on further development of the software.

We are very excited for the warm reception of Curest and our rehab solutions. The next step is to launch the latest generation of VR glasses and systems where AI is playing an increasingly important role. We also have ongoing research projects and in parallel we are investigating more areas in healthcare where modern technology can make a difference, ” says Emil Lilja, CEO of Curest.

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