Say hi to our new sales- and market developer Julia!

Hi Julia and welcome to Curest! How’s it going?
Thank you! I’ve been working since the middle of august and I’m loving it so far. It’s especially fun to be part of the Curest team! 

What was it that made you apply to Curest?
I’ve been playing volleyball for most of my life and during the past years competing at collage level in the US. But unfortunately with elite sports, injuries come along… I’ve met my fair share of physical therapists and seen myself the opportunities with the products that Curest provides. In addition, innovation and development interest me and I believe that digitalization is important, not least in healthcare. Besides, during the Corona pandemic I’ve come to see the value of smart healthcare solutions, with is what Curest provides. So it simply felt right! 

What response have you received so far?
I have received a very positive response. I’ts great to see the interest for the product from caregivers and patients, not just as a complement to other methods, but also as an individual rehabilitation tool. It’s especially fun to hear how patients experience Curest as a motivating rehabilitation form. In addition, I have the privilege of meeting with users and getting their input for the product’s future development. That response is something I value highly because we have every opportunity to implement these in our actual development plans. 

What do you look forward yo in your continued future with us?
I have a lot to look forward to! At first, I look forward to being able to offer Curest as a rehabilitation method, via caregivers, to more patients around the world. I am also looking forward to having a continued close dialogue with our users. This way, we have the opportunity to offer the best conditions for caregivers and patients in a further collaboration. I am also looking forward to continuing working with the team and develop together with them!

Welcome Julia! 

Say hi to our new sales- and market developer Julia!
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