Meet Kristina – a Curest VR super user!

Meet Kristina - a Curest VR super user!
Kristna instructing a patient at the clinic

Meet Kristina, one of our diligent users! Kristina started her career as a physiotherapist 27 years ago. Coming from an athletic background, she know first hand the difference that quality physical therapy can do! She has worked in many different sectors of healthcare but the last two years she has spent at Hermelinen in Luleå, Sweden.

– I like challenges and in primary care I get to meet many fun patients with varying problems, which gives me the chance to challenge myself and develop daily.

Kristina was early to embrace Curest VR as she immediately saw great potential in a product that both facilitates her work but can also motivate and help patients to train easily at home.

– I thought that the product seemed to be a good complement to my way of working with patients and I can also keep much better track of how much the patient trains at home when everything is logged. It makes it much easier in follow-ups and it becomes easier for me to set up upcoming programmes at a good level.

Now that Kristina has been working with Curest VR for a while, she sees a great development potential in the product and encourages others to also start working with the program!

– I could see the product being used in many different branches of physiotherapy and help for both rehab and prehab purposes. The product has been very well received by my patients and some of them appreciate it so much that they almost don’t want to return it!

We appreciate Kristina’s driving commitment and look forward to a continued collaboration with her & Hermelinen!

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