Exercises for neck pain – ZIGZAG

The neck consists of ligaments and muscles that wrap around seven vertebral discs, known collectively as the cervical spine. The cervical spine connects to the skull and thoracic spine. Because the neck is capable of bending, extending and rotating movements, it is susceptible to injury or disorders. Gentle exercises can loosen stiff necks, maintain healthy discs and prevent neck pain caused from stress and poor posture.

The movement performed in the video below incorporate rotation and lateral extension movements. Curest VR rehab guides and helps the patient to perform the exercises with absolute control over the desired movement pattern.

ZigZag pattern

Other patterns such as “figure eights”, squares, rectangles, and circles can be chooseon from. Each with the possibility to rotate the figure, change direction of movement, size and desired speed. Data and results from each exercise is automatically transfered to the Curest portal for easy follow-up and information on progression.

Exercises for neck pain - ZIGZAG
Results from exercise
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