Curest’s RecoVR to treat thousands of Swedes suffering from head- and neck injuries

Curest's RecoVR to treat thousands of Swedes suffering from head- and neck injuries

Medtech company Curest and their solution RecoVR is now launching, making rehabilitation of head and neck injuries more accessible and increasing the quality of treatment. The technology has been developed in close collaboration with leading experts at Danderyd University Hospital.

Thousands of Swedes are suffering from painful head and neck problems. Every year, more than 30000 reports of whiplash injuries are made to insurance companies and neck injuries occur in just over half of all reported traffic injuries. All in all, researchers estimate that about 45 percent of the Swedish population suffers from some form of neck problem. A majority of these people are women.

These types of injuries and problems are often complex and comes in many variations. Long-term, individualized treatment with a physical therapist is usually required to reduce pain and improve mobility. Now, a new solution will make rehabilitation easier and better: RecoVR, a training program in VR, produced by startup Curest.

With RecoVR, the user performs exercises using animated instructions and receives direct feedback on the execution and results. The results from movement patterns are displayed immediately after the exercise is completed. At the same time, physiotherapists receive statistics from the system in order to continuously evaluate whether the exercises are carried out correctly and lead to the expected outcome.

– Physiotherapists have previously been unable to obtain objective and accurate data on the effect of the exercises they prescribe. With RecoVR they now get statistics and can study the development in detail to be able to make even better assessments, says Emil Lilja, CEO of Curest.

The virtual training program can be used in conjunction with treatments at the clinics or independently at home. The fact that the exercises can be carried out independently also means that physiotherapists can treat more people. Rehabilitation of head and neck injuries thus becomes more accessible through increased efficiency and less reliance on geography, as well as easier to follow-up using data from the system.

– It is very positive that our methods are further developed. This is a good example of how digitalisation of healthcare can make it better and more accessible. For people with disabilities following whiplash violence to the neck, RecoVR can be a really good exercise tool, says Lisa Apelgren, a licensed physiotherapist at the Rehabilitation Medical University Clinic at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm.

About Curest

Curest was founded in Luleå in 2020 and combines health and medical care with modern technology. The company is accepted into the incubator program at Arctic Business, where they receive support with both advice and financing to develop the company and the product RecoVR.

For more information, please contact; Emil Lilja, CEO at +46 72-050 67 37.

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