Curest and Hermelinen collaborate to digitalize physiotherapy during Covid-19

Curest and Hermelinen collaborate to digitalize physiotherapy during Covid-19
Emil Lilja, CEO Curest & Kristina Larsson, Hermelinen

The medtech company Curest rehabilitates neck and head injuries by letting patients exercise in Virtual Reality. The spread of Covid-19 has resulted in fewer patient visiting rehabilitation centers. Now, Hermelinen Physical therapy in Luleå is using Curest’s technology to digitalize the rehab process during the ongoing pandemic.

– We are always trying to find new ways to make peoples’ lives healthier. If we want to succeed, we must be open to new technologies and dare to challenge traditional methods. Due to Covid-19, remote rehabilitation must work correctly and the solution from Curest lets patients do their exercises from home. Together with Curest, we are dealing with this unusual situation in the best way possible, and we are strengthening our business in the long run, thanks to the digitalization, says Per-Erik Mattsson, CEO at Hermelinen.

-The product guides patients throughout the whole exercise and at the same time, we receive statistics from the system in order to continuously evaluate whether the exercises are carried out correctly and lead to the expected outcome. When the exercises can be carried out independently, we as physiotherapists can treat even more patients. Rehabilitation becomes more accessible with increased efficiency, less geographical dependencies, and easy follow-ups, says Kristina Larsson, Physiotherapist at Hermelinen.

The product is developed together with Region Stockholm and Danderyd Hospital. As a new user of the product, Hermelinen will serve as another testbed.

-We are very happy with our collaboration! Hermelinen has been pioneers of training and healthcare for a long time in the north of Sweden. Our product is developed together with experts in the field, and now Hermelinen will contribute to our product development by using it in practice during these challenging times. It is a product developed by users, for users. That is how we create the highest possible value for both practitioners and patients, says Emil Lilja, CEO at Curest.

About Curest

Curest was founded 2020 in Luleå and brings healthcare research and modern-day technologies together to create the best experience possible for practitioners and patients. The company is accepted into the incubator program at Arctic Business, which assist with support, advice and financing to develop the company and its products.

About Hermelinen

The Hermelinen Company was founded in 1991 and is the biggest healthcare company on the private market in the North of Sweden. Hermelinen has established themselves in Luleå and Boden a broad service including aesthetics, business services, physiotherapy, fitness, and wellness to advanced healthcare as well as a growing surgical operation.

The cooperation is partly financed by Längmanska Företagsfonden.

For more information, please contact:

Emil Lilja, CEO Curest, +46 72-050 67 37 or emil@curest.se.

Peter Backman, Business Developer Hermelinen, +46 70–3251155 or peter.backman@hermelinen.se

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